Lube of Life

A Tribute to Sex, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Boomer Age

The Lube of Life is the emotional, physical and spiritual juice that keeps us young, excited and open to possibilities.

From a chance online encounter, Mindy and Edward tease and tiptoe their way through emails and chat rooms, discovering that the difference between dating in the ’60s and being 60 is little more than expanded insight and the color of one’s hair.  Facing challenges and risking insecurities, they decide to “meet in the middle,” to create new possibilities where they share laughter, passion and their tender selves. With a dose of daring and the belief that age is just a number, this hope-filled, humorous and poignant tale of searching for new love in mid-life opens the door to the adventure of finding yourself again through the heart of another.

Mindy Mitchell and Edward Land – Two 60-something’s who meet online, live 250 miles apart, are not a perfect match, but decide, after a respectable amount of virtual dating, to meet and see if they can rekindle their 60’s groove.  They do.

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